Psalms 139 v.14

                                                  A few Tips for Healthy Natural Hair Care
1. Drink lots of Water/Eat Healthy.
2. Co-wash your hair more, instead of shampooing.
3. To help with detangling, use a wide tooth comb on hair that is wet and saturated with                  conditioner.
4. Moderate your use of heat as excessive heat use can lead to heat damage, which can                      permanently damage your natural curl pattern.
5. Trim when needed (Minimize breakage by ensuring that your hair is free of slit ends). 
6. Sample products (what works for me may not work for you).
7. Try to use Natural Hair Products.
8. Protect your hair at night by sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase, and/or wearing a satin or          silk bonnet/scarf.
9. ROCK natural your way...BE YOU!
10. It is a long Journeyhave fun with it!
DO YOU  KNOW YOUR                   HAIR TYPE ?