Michelle Kaisley is the Founder of M.A.K Natural (MAGNIFICENT AFRICAN KWEEN) established in 2010.

Michelle was Born in the UK, lives in South Florida. She is a devoted Wife/Mother & Liturgical Dance Minister. Her love for natural hair motivated her to take the Journey .Her Big Chop was June 2010 after 5mos. of Transitioning.

Desiring for other Women to "EMBRACE THEIR NATURAL BEAUTY" she Started the M.A.K Natural Page on Facebook. Encouraging that natural hair is Ok! It's Beautiful! It's Who You Are! It's a Journey.

She is dedicated to research the natural hair care industry for the latest style trends and healthy hair care products which will allow her to Educate and Motive people.

With her endeavor to Learn and experimenting with natural products and oils, Motivation from her Husband & Eldest son (Keran) inspired her to take it to another level. In pursuing that, M.A.K Natural Smoothies was developed, now M.A.K Natural has become a growing family Business.